Classes and Sessions



Includes a Latin Soccer Stars shirt



$12 per session

Every Saturday at 10:00am

Bischof Pioneer Park

Party Package One


For up to 15 children

One hour training, games and equipment 

Party Package two


For up to 25 children

Two hours training, games and equipment

The Team

All of our coaches are fully licensed with Blue Card and training certificates from Football Federation Australia.
Please come along and check out our program. Introduction is free.

Jeffrey Stevenson

Jeffrey Stevenson was born in Sydney and raised on the Central Coast in NSW. He returned to Sydney after school and worked for ten years running a TV repair shop. He was always keen in mathematics and science, and won medals in both at school. He then entered the world of insurance as an administrator and claims assessor and completed this for almost nine years. He wants to bring his abilities as Director to Latin Soccer Stars for the benefit of both the kids and parents.

Judy Stevenson

Judy Stevenson was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. At age 26 she decided on a change of lifestyle, choosing the adventure of coming by herself to Australia. She entered the world of Business and finished her Diploma of Business Management in 2009. During the following years her focus moved back into media/entertainment, continuing her career from a Journalism degree completed in Colombia. She did volunteer work in administration on a radio station in Sydney with the aim to know more about communication & Australian business. She worked for 8 years as a Leisure Activities Officer and gained organizational skills and organized events. Now she is willing to bring her creative and organizational skills to work on the team of Latin Soccer Star as the Administration Officer.

Diego Bareno

Diego Bareno was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. At 37 years of age, he decided to learn another language and study Sport & Recreation to improve his sporting abilities. His passion for soccer started in the early years in his country, when he played with his neighbours and in school. He started professional training in juniors academies and played in 10 position for professional soccer teams in Bogota. Now he wants to bring his skills and passion to train kids who want to follow different techniques gained in South America and some strategies to love football.

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Account Name: Latin Soccer Stars
BSB: 064-793
Number: 10157836

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