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We are an Aussie/Colombian family start up business, who believe that sport provides a host of great benefits for kids.

They learn new skills, develop confidence, make friends, play in a team and get physically active.



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Why is soccer so important for kids?

Children are currently spending more time watching television or playing video games, but being involved in a game like “Soccer” provides and opportunity for exercise that can help kids in shape physically and mentally.

Our Latin Soccer Stars kids learn to interact not only with other children their age, but also with other individuals like their coaches and peers of different ages. Participation in soccer can have a huge impact on a child self- steem and confidence.

Increases focus and attention

When kids in sport concentrate, they become totally involved in what they’re doling and feel as if time has stopped. They don’t care about what’s happening around them, and they aren’t easily distracted. They’re totally tuned in to what they’re doing. This feeling is called being “on” or “in the zone”.

Enhances Social Connections and interactions
Joining a sports team, gives kids a sense of belonging and the opportunity to make new friends. Some may even become buddies for life! Getting involved in a sport also gives kids another social circle outside of school.
Promotes Family Bonding

Our Latin Soccer Kids & Families learn how to behave in society by watching their parents interact with each other and with the world. In sports modelling expected behaviours inside the family circle and with their team mates are great way to learn how to communicate each other well.

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